This summer has been busiest summer yet at The Roost and with the help of our dedicated volunteers and support from people around the world we will continue doing more. 2015 marked a transition for us with the rescue of 80+ birds from a cockfighting raid.


While illegal in the United States, cockfighting is underground and relies heavily on secrecy and word of mouth to function.


With a one time donation of $250 for a sponsorship, you will get to name the fighter, have a placard made with yours and your fighter’s name and have a framed portrait of your sponsored fighter mailed to you! You can also get a group of friends together to sponsor a fighter to minimize the cost of sponsorship.


While the abuse of cockfighting is deplorable, the irony is that the widespread and socially acceptable suffering that chickens in the meat and egg industry endure is enormous. We here at Danzig’s Roost advocate for ALL to live their lives free from harm and choose being vegan as part and parcel to that end. The impact that even one person can have on the system of abuse that these delicate creatures go through by going vegan is paramount. Understanding that humanity must come to terms with itself and how we play a vital role in the future of our planet by living vegan, we can stem the tide of abuse that all inhabitants of our world face.

Choose the future… Choose vegan.

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