Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost was founded in memory of one very special rooster, Danzig.  In his memory we have built a sanctuary with a purpose to save who we can and to advocate on behalf of the ones we are unable to save.

The Urban Farming trend continues to grow with new, more creative ways to exploit these delicate birds.  The numbers of unwanted, discarded and abandoned roosters continue grow just as the common practice of the commercial egg industry continues to grow.  Local animal shelters continue to euthanize these “unwanted” roosters, and when we can, we provide a loving and forever home for these roosters in need.  Unfortunately we are only able to do so much on an individual basis.  We need the help of others in our communities to remove eggs, dairy and meat from their plate in order to stop this cycle of abuse.

Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost also provides a safe home to many different types of farmed birds.  We have been fortunate enough to share our home with one of this worlds most abused species.   We watch these defeated birds grow and flourish as they live their lives as they please.  They develop strong bonds with individuals in their flocks. They discover favorite treats in the fields, discover who they are and do the things that every single bird caught in the web of systematic torture, abuse and slaughter, long for.  In order for us to really make a difference for more than who we share our lives with here, we ask for people to adopt a vegan lifestyle, free from the inherent harm inflicted upon the vulnerable who are caught in this violent cycle.