How You Can Help

Right now Danzig's Roost is fundraising for our big move to our new home in North Carolina where the birds can enjoy a lush forest, trees to perch in and a much milder climate that is closer to what is natural for them.  To donate, go here.

Below are several pieces that are perks for our fundraiser.  Keep checking back in as perks will be updated and more will come!

We have several signed Sue Coe prints that were donated anonymously for our big move.   The largest Sue Coe print is framed and will be sent as a gift to the first $2,000+ donor!  The smaller signed and framed Sue Coe prints will be sent as a gift to the first $1,500 donors.

Wall ST0001WallST0002



Roland Straller is an amazing Animal Rights Artist and we have several signed prints that are not in frames for donations over $250


Click here to go to the Moving Fund