How You Can Help

Danzig's Roost is currently taking donations to assist in ongoing care and maintenance of the sanctuary.  Donations such as bowls, medium sized towels, laundry detergent, fence posts and lumber are always appreciated. We are an all volunteer run sanctuary and receive NO government grants, indeed we cannot, because we rescue what are considered throw away "food animals."

We are here 100% for the residents of Danzig's Roost and put our entire heart and soul into what we do. There are no days off, no vacations, and our lives are committed to helping them regain their dignity in the animal kingdom. Being vegan is important, but it is letting go of our own desires and petty wants that has brought us this far, and with your help we can go even further. It is the least we can do for them and it is our hope that more will follow in the sanctuary tradition, ridding themselves of superficiality and understanding the urgency of the work we do.

The best way for everyone to help is by spreading the vegan message & going vegan.  Tell your friends and neighbors to refrain from purchasing chicks and choose a plant based, vegan lifestyle instead. The invisible abuse that all domesticated farm birds suffer through by the millions can end when we no longer demand them to be enslaved for their bodies. Until that day, we at Danzig's Roost will continue to fight against their subjugation and give them safe haven.

Donations are always imperative and an easy way to help animals if you're unable to contribute in other ways.  Please donate here to help us care for our sanctuary residents.