Danzig’s Roost receives multiple requests daily to take in roosters.  About 99% of those requests come from someone’s backyard, where chicks were purchased intending to be used for their eggs. At around 4 – 5 months of age, one or more of those chicks may begin to crow.  Most ordinances do not allow roosters, so we get the call.  Some people only want the eggs, or they have just too many roosters, the rooster is aggressive or the neighbors are complaining.

In these circumstances we require all birds to be relinquished together.  We will not assist in breaking up a flock.  Roosters and hens do much better with their own flock rather than living a life of solitude.  We also require a signed agreement stating no more chicks will be purchased in the future.  To help understand these requirements, please read The Humane Egg.

We take transfers from animal control and from abuse and neglect cases.  Our ability to accept more roosters depends on funding, availability of housing and workload.  It is a potential 14 year commitment to each rooster which includes predator proof housing, the very best food and care, veterinary care, tons of land to explore, labor, supervision and fencing.

We accept all different kinds of farmed birds including turkeys, peafowl and ducks depending on circumstances at the time.  In some circumstances, we will welcome other farmed animals.  We ask that any relinquishment come with a donation toward their lifelong care with us.